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The Today and Every Day Challenge

  • Congratualtiuons to the Today and Everyday challenge contest WINNERS!
    Deborah Benson-Ben Aderet
    Walton Burns
    Johanna Asher

Please email or to make arrangements to see your "I'll Meet You Here" show and get your signed LP/CD!

Although the contest has ended the challege goes on. Please continue to share your #todayandeveryday posts!

How to Participate: Create a post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share something you do to save the world a little every day. It can be what you do to stabilize the climate, to restore habitats, or make the earth, air, and water. Is what you do for the environment also helping to create a more just and inclusive world? Let us know how! It’s all related. Tag @darwilliamsofficial on Facebook, @darwilliamstour on Instagram and @DarWilliamsTeam on Twitter and make sure to use the hashtag #todayandeveryday. Don't forget to include the link to Dar's new video:

updated: 12 months ago