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An Organizational Call to Action & Inspiration from Dar Williams

The Today and Every Day Challenge

Begins at NOON EDT on September 7th - For every piece of bad news we hear about how we’re “consuming Earth’s life-support systems”, as acclaimed scientist John Liu puts it, there is an amazing array of solutions, from ancient farming wisdom to modern smart grid technology that are emerging every day. And it’s not just theoretical. People everywhere are going hands-on with their contributions to conservation, efficiency, and renewable energies. They do it with enthusiasm, and they do it every day.

The new music video by songwriter / environmental activist, Dar Williams, Today and Every Day, brings hope back with a playful focus on the power of the things all of us do to breathe life back into our planet.

We’re inviting environmental organizations to participate in the #TodayandEvery Day Challenge by using and sharing the video link ( in their blogs, on thie websites and on social channels along with their own list of their goals, their long-term projects, and the daily things they do to clean the air, water, and earth, stabilize the climate, and restore healthy habitats for all.

If you’d like to participate (and be tagged in our campaigns on Dar’s social outlets), please email with your details so we can supply images, the video link, and optional hashtags to accompany your post. All participating organizations will be entered in the random drawing to win a 60 minute private Zoom event with Dar. One winner will be announced on Dar’s livestream on Facebook & Youtube. Collective action CAN light the world. Help us to spread the word about things we can all do! As Dar says, “Everyone, everyone’s a power station.”

updated: 1 year ago